BOLO India's first Voice assistant App

Introducing Vani

Voice Assistant For Incoming Calls


Lets command the phone calls in your way

Your Voice Your Call

BOLO Voice Assistant

Effortless Interactions Between User And Smartphone

Go Hassle Free


Be Smart With VANI

Personal Voice Assistant

Vani is the First Personal Voice Assistant app which empower its users to take their incoming calls through voice commands.

Go Handsfree

Swiping phone screens is not required anymore. Our users have privilege to take their calls in their self defined voice commands and that too from distance.

AI based Voice Recognition

With our Voice Recognition API, Vani is able to handle your daily smartphone interactions. Our Deep learning algorithms is making Vani more secure and more smart.


Answer incoming calls without touching the screen while your hands are busy or driving in your car.

Vani is capable of speaking out the caller name and by voice recognition, you can choose to answer or reject the call.

So next time, Whenever your phone rings, you just have to say “Yes” to pick up the call right after the ringtone (caller name)

Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID feature.  Call blocker function gives you an option to block unknown or spam callers. Never get harassed by spam calls.

Vani Is Designed For You!

Our User Says....

This is great and outstanding thing to use. I am impressed.

Sophia Williams

Awesome app. A must have for people who drive a lot.

Nitish Puri

Superb Application, It should be in every phone because its so useful on daily basis

Paul Janowitz

I am using it and it is very much useful for me by just speaking a word it do its work i love ❤️ it

Tina Garcia