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What Everyone Ought To Know About VOICE ASSISTANT

Voice Assistant ...

We want someone every time. Someone who has ought to follow our command, manage schedule, helping us to perform basic task and multitask, Even control your smart phone incoming call and treat your call as you want. Entertain you by playing song of your interest just after getting command from your.

Is It Possible?Yes, it is.

Voice Assistant

Machine has been start assisting you for last two decade. Technology is changing very rapidly if you purchase Smartphone of 500 $ of any brand, you would see its update version just after few days of its launch and that brought lot of new changes.

 Since AI is bringing disruptive changes in technology, almost every big and new firm want to adopt and practice it.

  The Fortune 50 Company’s spending a lot on AI to maintain their competition edge in market. Today, Technology has shifted towards AIBLockchainChatbot, Voice Assistant, IoT(Internet of thing), Cloud Computing. But Today, we are gonna discuss about Voice Assistant.

How can we understand It ?

Voice Assistant usually known as chatbot, Speech Recognition. It’s good to know deeply about Voice Assistant. Machine get command from the human and respond it as it is set in its database or RAM.

Voice Assistant, Speech Recognition is the technology, Where Machine responds on the human command with the help of its store database into the RAM.

 There are lot existing voice assistants available in the market like Amazon’s AlexaApple’s SiriMicrosoft’s CortanaSamsung’ Bixby, Google Assistant, Dragon Mobile Assistant etc. 

It can help us while we perform our basic work such as voice to text, Setting Up Remainders, Searching to the internet Even you can tell a machine to play a song what you like.

How does Voice Assistant Software Work?

Voice Assistant Software on computer required analog audio to convert or decode it in Digital Conversion, this whole Process is known as analog audio to digital conversion.

 Whenever we give the command to the voice assistant software, Computer understands the signal with the help of a digital database, vocabulary, words and comparator check the pattern given by analog audio to digital conversion. This whole is process known as Pattern Assistant.

The speed of Voice Recognition depends on its RAM, Where database( words, Vocabulary is included ) stored. It can run many time faster if the whole vocabulary poured into the RAM.

Processing Speed

We should not neglect it as it can affect the speed of search.

ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), First time it was used in 1952, ASR programme gave the power to the user to train their ASR programme So that It can easily recognize the user’s Voice.

Here are some fields, which uses ASR quite often like Telecommunication, Military, Personal Computing, Health Care etc.

MY Voice assistant

Here are the uses of voice recognition-

Google Voice- You can ask a question or queries to smart phone with the help of using voice.

Digital Assitant- Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri are the assistants which can help you in respect of resolving your problem.

Entertainment – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and many other Voice Assistant available in the market can music at voice command and what you would like to listen

Telecom Industry- Today, Most of the major companies are providing calling support for the customer convenience, and voice recognition aide the caller implicitly connect to the concerned department.

Incoming Calls- Recently, BOLO, world first voice Assistant has launched in India. It empowers users to entertain their incoming calls through voice like user can receive or reject phone calls while using their voice commands. Such as Just say ” Hello” to pick up your phone call or Say “Decline” to reject It and many more feature are available in this Application.

Classes of Voice Recognition-:

1. Dependent Voice System – Here before using voice recognition software, you need to do some manual set up like setting up your voice for voice recognizer.

2. Independent Voice System- Manual set up is not required user can directly use voice recognition software.

3. Separate Voice System- A users have to wait for a movement to provide input as sample of their voice. So that it can get recognized through voice.

4. Continuous Speech- Here Voice Recognition can understand normal rate on speaking.

History of Voice Recognition...

The Growth Of voice recognition in last 5 decades is not a lesser than a miracle.

1.1976- There were only 1 thousand words in the database of computer.

2.1980- There no. of words had increased from 1 thousand to 20 thousand.

3.1990- 1st speaker recognition was launched by Dragon for consumers called Dragondictate.

4.1996- 1st-time continuous speech recognition product, introduced by IBM.

5.2005- Google Voice Search App launched first voice search for iPhone.

Here are some strength or shortcomings

There are several moments in our day to day life when we are occupied and not in comfortable situation to hold our phones in one hand and simultaneously performing other activities like having meals, shower, driving, cooking, baby sitting and many more. In such cases, Voice Assistance becomes so essential and necessary to hear our commands and do the needful so we can perform rest of functions without any obstacles.

Voice Assistant is the next big thing which will make easier for us to interact with systems and devices, But Currently, Existing technologies are limited to very few users since it is restricted to few limited languages and struggle to identify different dialects.

 As it will start supporting other local and regional languages, we might see a big jump in a number of users of voice assistants.

VOice Assistant